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How do you decide which features to include or omit? Need to improve your conversion? Verify allows you to quickly test concepts with users to get immediate feedback.


  1. Preference Test
    Which of two options do users prefer? Show two screenshots and let users pick – then state why they picked it.
  2. Click Test
    Where do users click on a screenshot, based on your instructions? This is a quick, simple test.
  3. Multi Click Test
    Like a click test, but…more! String together screens into a flow, each with a unique question.
  4. Memory Test
    What do users remember about a screen after 5 1/2 seconds? See if they remember what you expect them to.
  5. Label Test
    Concerned about understanding of certain elements? Ask users to label elements you select with this test.
  6. Annotate Test
    What do users think of a screen? Let users add free-form notes to a screenshot to provide feedback.
  7. Mood Test
    How does a screenshot make users feel? See if your screenshot provokes the best emotional response.
  8. Memory Question Test
    Do people remember what you want them to? Find out by asking custom questions after the tester sees a screen for 5 seconds.
  9. Yes / No Test
    Do people click where you need them to? Define the correct areas and see what percentage click on them.

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